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MCK40-A electro spindle flat rail linear CNC machine
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1. High precision motorized spindle

The machine adopts the self-developed spindle head, which eliminates the traditional belt transmission technology. The bearing adopts the front and back matching high speed, with high speed, high rigidity, low noise, lasting precision, and the spindle runout is less than 3um.

2. Bed structure

Adopting high rigidity cast iron, resin sand technology, the whole structure of bed foot and bed has the characteristics of smooth chip removal, compact structure, beautiful shape, etc.

3. Row knife rest

The new row type tool holder makes the error of repeated tool change to be minimum ± 3um, and the tool change is high-speed and accurate, which can greatly save the processing time.

4. High precision feed

The full servo drive of each axis of feed adopts Japan Yaskawa drive and motor, and adopts Taiwan Yintai linear guide rail to ensure the accuracy of processing and long-term accuracy. The repeated positioning accuracy of each axis of feed is less than ± 3um.

5. High efficiency processing

The maximum speed of the machine tool spindle is 3000 rpm, the x-axis can move fast up to 18 m / min, the z-axis can move fast up to 18 m / min, the high-precision hydraulic rotary cylinder, and the precision elastic collet. The cutting ability of ductile material and strong cutting is improved.

6. Strong cooling

Powerful cooling high power powerful cooling pump, greatly improve the cutting of parts, according to customer requirements can be installed with 1-4 cooling pipes, good cooling performance.

1、High- precision electric spindle
The machine adopts its own research and development of the spindle shaft, remove the traditional belt drive technology, bearing before and after the match with high speed, with high speed, high rigidity, low noise, Lasting accuracy, spindle beating <3um

2、Bed structure
The use of high-rigidity cast iron, resin sand process, bed feet and the overall structure of the bed with a smooth chip, compact structure,beautiful shape and so on

3、Knife cutter
The new knife-edge turret makes the repeat tool change error of 3um, tool change high-speed accurate, can save a lot of processing time.

4、High precision feed
eed the axis of the whole servo drive, the use of Taiwan Intime linear guide to ensure the accuracy of processing and long time to maintain the accuracy of the feed axis repeat positioning accuracy < 3um

5、Efficient processing
The maximum speed of the machine spindle is 3000 rpm, the x axis can move up to 15 m/min, the Z axis can move up to 25 m/ min,the high precision hydraulic rotary cylinder and the precision elastic chuck. Improve the toughness of the material cutting and strong cutting capacit

6、Strong cooling
High-power strong cooling pump, greatly improved the parts cutting, according to customer requirements can be installed 1-4 cooling tube, cooling performance

技术参数 MCK40-A


Machining range

Swing over bed 床身回转直径mm Φ400mm
Max.turning diameter(disc type) 加工直径mm(盘类) Φ300mm
Max.turning diameter(axle type) 加工长度mm(轴类) Φ120mm
Max.machining lengtu 加工工件长度mm 400mm
The maximum bar through hoie diameter 棒材通孔直径mm Φ35mm/Φ40mm(选配)
Distance between centers 顶尖距 450mm


X/Zaxis traverse


Effective travel for X-axis X轴有效行程 600mm(Diameter.)
Effective travel for Z-axis Z轴有效行程 450mm
X、Zaxis fast feed rate X/Z轴快移速度 25/20m/min
Linear guide rail of X,Z-axis X/Z轴线轨规格 25/30
Lead screw diameter/pitchl of X,Z-axis X/Z轴丝杆直径/螺距mm 3210/2508
Servo motor for X,Z-axis X/Z轴伺服电机 4Nm/4Nm



Spindle nose 主轴鼻端型式 A2-5
Spindle hole diameter 主轴通孔直径 Φ48
Max.spindle speed 主轴转速 电主轴100-4500rpm(electro spindle)
Motor power of spindle 主轴马达功率 5.5kw
Chuck and angling cylinder 卡盘及回转油缸规格 40夹头/卡盘536/646(Chuck)


Machining accuracy

Positioning accuracy of X,Z-axis X/Z/Y轴定位精度 ±0.006mm
Popeatability precision of X,Z-axis X/Z/Y轴重复定位精度 ±0.005mm



Tailstock sleeve taper 尾座套筒规格 MT4/Diameter.Φ60
Max.traveling for tailsrock sleeve 尾座套筒行程 100mm
Pressure range of tailstock 尾座压力范围 8-25pa
Tailetock feed mode 尾座进给方式 液压Hydraulic



Tool shank standard 刀柄规格 20*20
Boring tool bar 镗刀杆规格 20mm
Turret(tool standard) 刀塔(刀位) 电动刀架Electric knife holder/排刀Row knife


External dimension

Bed structure 床身结构型式 整体平线轨床身 Flat bed body
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 长X宽X高mm 1820*1150*1750
Machine weight 机床重量 约2000Kg


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