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Analysis of the core competitiveness of machine tool power

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At present, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, South Korea are the recognized machine tool powers in the world. Among them, Taiwan is the main producing area of medium and high-end machine tools in the world, with advanced product design concept, exquisite technology, stable performance, high cost performance and outstanding position in the international machine tool industry. Taiwan's machine tools are mainly concentrated in the machine tool industry cluster areas of Taichung, Changhua, Taipei, etc., such as Fuyu Co., Ltd., Yintai Technology Co., Ltd., kangbaishi group, Taiwan Diamond Industry Co., Ltd., Taida Electronic Industry Co., Ltd., Philips real industry Co., Ltd., Hesheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and other main engines, functional components and supporting facilities It is worth learning from in the target orientation, organization structure and management system of enterprise development.

1. R & D investment

In Germany, Japan and other high-end machine tool manufacturing powers, there are many enterprises of small scale, but the output value is very high. Its core competitiveness lies in R & D investment and specific positioning.

In order to improve its high-precision and reproducible product technology, German famous length measurement company, Heidelberg, spared no effort. In the 1990s, we invested more than 200 million yuan to build a production workshop to manufacture grating master and copy grating. This workshop has a constant temperature with an error of plus or minus one percent. It has three levels of vibration isolation and an amplitude of plus or minus one and a half nanometers. It has the atomic clock and the length transmission standard that the National Metrology Bureau of China does not have. These conditions are the most in the world, making it the leader in the field of machine tool detection components. The annual R & D expenditure of heidenhan accounts for 16% of its sales

Taiwan's machine tool industry, whether it is a main engine factory, a functional component factory or a supporting factory, produces relatively mature products in technology. For example, Fuyu Co., Ltd. is the only tool machine manufacturing enterprise in Taiwan that spans grinding machine, CNC grinding machine, milling machine, CNC milling machine, CNC comprehensive processing machine and CNC lathe. Each production link has specific technical specifications, and the workers operate in strict accordance with the specifications, so as to build an efficient and accurate product image with processing performance. The same is true of Yintai Technology Co., Ltd., whose leading position in Taiwan's machine tool transmission accessories production is determined by strict material selection, excellent production equipment and fine quality management. The products of Taiwan's machine tool enterprises are mostly located in the middle-class products with large quantity and wide range. They know that there is a gap between high-grade machine tools and advanced countries such as Germany and Switzerland, so they choose mid-range products with high cost performance as their development goal, and continue to expand their scale. Taiwan machine tools sold in mainland China in recent years are of this grade. Although the performance and technical indicators are not the most advanced, they are more practical and can meet the needs of most users. For example, kangbaishi group, as an internationally renowned manufacturer of hydraulic components, although its brand is not as loud as the first-class international brands such as Rexroth, but with good cost performance, its main products such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, coolers, rotary cylinders have entered more than 70 countries and regions, and nearly half of its products have been sold to the mainland. Taiwan's functional components have become the most widely used brands in the machine tool industry in mainland China, from the spindle of Simpson, the lead screw of HIWIN, the guide rail of PMI, and the chuck of Jiahe.

2. Specific positioning

German and Swiss machine tools are good at all kinds of special machines. Its high precision, low production, and very expensive, for a variety of high-end customers. German enterprises are famous for their professionalism. Each enterprise focuses on its own field rather than the products that others have made, and most of them represent the technical direction of their own field. Many of them have accumulated technology for a hundred years.

One of the world's largest machine tool manufacturers, Germany's demage company to do the direction of the whole machine. They use synthetic granite to make the bed, the installation holes are all embedded, the material has good seismic resistance, the bed is all solid structure, with high quality and good stability. Their machine bed can be processed with constant rigidity. The machine tool must be assembled with high performance and high reliability components to ensure the overall reliability.

Taiwan area of China is not large, the land area is less than one fifth of Hunan Province, the market capacity of machine tool products in the island is very limited, so they have long positioned the market target of developing machine tool industry in overseas demand. As early as 1994, Taiwan has entered the ranks of the world's top ten machine tool export places, and has maintained a good development trend. In 2010, production and sales have recovered to the level of 2008 before the financial crisis. According to the statistics of Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, in 2010, Taiwan's machine tool output value was 3.803 billion US dollars, an increase of 68% over the previous year, making it the sixth largest machine tool production area in the world; in 2010, Taiwan's machine tool export exceeded 78% of the total output value, with an export value of 2.995 billion US dollars, an increase of 72% over the previous year, making it the fourth largest machine tool export area in the world, ranking second only to Japan, Germany and Italy. This year, thanks to the ECFA agreement between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and the single transfer effect brought by the appreciation of the yen, Taiwan's machine tool production and sales have increased significantly, and the annual export volume is expected to exceed 4 billion US dollars, which is expected to surpass Italy to become the third largest machine tool export place in the world.

3. Personnel stability

The core competitiveness of the grinding machine is stability. All the core parts of their products are manufactured by themselves; the process, equipment and assembly inspection procedures remain unchanged for 30 years; the staff composition is also very stable, basically over 40 years old. This ensures long-term stability of quality. The company has more than 100 employees, with an annual output of

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