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Mck40-400-a electric spindle / wire rail

Browse:777    Release date: 2020-10-11

1. High precision motorized spindle

The machine adopts the self-developed spindle head, which eliminates the traditional belt transmission technology. The bearing adopts the front and back matching high speed, with high speed, high rigidity, low noise, lasting precision, and the spindle runout is less than 3um.

2. Bed structure

Adopting high rigidity cast iron, resin sand technology, the whole structure of bed foot and bed has the characteristics of smooth chip removal, compact structure, beautiful shape, etc.

3. Row knife rest

The new row type tool holder makes the error of repeated tool change to be minimum ± 3um, and the tool change is high-speed and accurate, which can greatly save the processing time.

4. High precision feed

The full servo drive of each axis of feed adopts Japan Yaskawa drive and motor, and adopts Taiwan Yintai linear guide rail to ensure the accuracy of processing and long-term accuracy. The repeated positioning accuracy of each axis of feed is less than ± 3um.

5. High efficiency processing

The maximum speed of the machine tool spindle is 3000 rpm, the x-axis can move fast up to 18 m / min, the z-axis can move fast up to 18 m / min, the high-precision hydraulic rotary cylinder, and the precision elastic collet. The cutting ability of ductile material and strong cutting is improved.

6. Strong cooling

Powerful cooling high power powerful cooling pump, greatly improve the cutting of parts, according to customer requirements can be installed with 1-4 cooling pipes, good cooling performance.

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